Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Would you hire your as a pro?

A friend of mine was sharing a story about her friend’s husband who was starting a new business. The business was struggling because the husband was teaching himself HTML or something like it so he could design his own web site. I get being frugal with your business. That is what we are all about. We actually had to pay more to get our office furniture moved than we paid for it at auction. But at some point in time we must first value our own time, which I have talked about in a previous blog. There are some small business activities that it just might makes sense to outsource to professionals. Here is a short list of reasons:
1) They do a better job in most cases
2) They are quicker
3) If frees you up to work on revenue generating activities 
4) It reduces stress
5) They may be less expensive because of the volume they do and the tools they use
6) Save money

Some of the activities to think about that may make sense to outsource may be: accounting, payroll, web design, graphics design, painting, lawn care, car care, general maintenance, IT, networking, and computer support. 

One of the rules I have learned to follow is to always get at least two quotes and a recommendation or reference from someone I know who has used the services that I am looking at outsourcing.  This just makes good business sense and helps me have time to work on my business not just be my business. 

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